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Talent Solutions

Empower Your IT Potential with Allevar Talent Solutions


Unleashing Talent Strategies

Navigating the dynamic IT terrain can be daunting when it comes to talent acquisition.

At Allevar, we're your steadfast solution. Collaborate with us to actualize your ambitions. We specialize in connecting you with seasoned talent who align with your ethos, fostering exponential growth and propelling your success to new heights.

What Sets us apart?

With decades of expertise, we've perfected the art of matching the ideal individuals to the perfect projects, ensuring seamless synergy and exceptional outcomes.

Synergizing Expertise and Technology

Discover Candidates Proficient in Leading-Edge Tech Skills.

Elite Proficiency Coupled with Exceptional Interpersonal Abilities

We excel in identifying people who will complement your team dynamic with personality and skills.

Access Industry Leaders

People capable of inspiring and collaborating effectively to drive collective success.


Flex Program 

Contract To Hire


Candidate ID & Selection

Allevar to identify, screen, and interview full-time candidates and present for interviews.


End of Term Review

Monthly touchpoints followed by mutual discussion between the client and Allevar to determine the next steps and proceed with action.


Six (6) Month Trial

Client to onboard FTE as a consultant in their hiring system, provide requisite access & laptop for duration of the trial.


Flex Advantage

Allevar to either, begin transition of employee to FTE with client, extend trial or release employee based on direction from client.

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