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Our services increase business efficiency

We consider business efficiency front to back -- when your customers engage with you, they are experiencing:

  • how easy it is for your customers to find and do what they want

  • how fast and responsive you are to your customer requests

  • how much it costs your customers to get value and results

  • how well the you know your customers

Allevar delivers a blend of services to help banks unlock efficiencies in operational processes and integrate the right technologies in the right way.  Our services pivot around automating processes which we believe is accomplished in concert with business, technology, project and analytic capabilities.

All of our services are delivered by industry specialists who know and understand the challenges of changing how our customers' businesses run.

◆  PROCESS services

◆  DESIGN services

 TECHNOLOGY services

 PROJECT services

 ANALYTICS services


Automating processes is what our customers are investing in to achieve a digital operation.  In our experience, the results deliver:

  • cost savings

  • faster performance

  • simpler ways of doing things

  • more standardization

  • easier to meet compliance needs


Our alignment with Pegasystems technology has enabled us to become leaders in implementation for Pega.  We have a Squad of experts who are certified implementing Pega.


Our PROCESS Services

  • PEGA Industry Solutions

  • PEGA Robotics



The foundation for digitizing the business is automating processes within the right design context.  It is important to select the right processes based on priority, enablement potential, and value.  In our experience, clarity in several areas leads to the optimal scope to get results:

  • strategic relevance to align with business direction

  • operating model to provide context for running the business

  • business architecture to enable alignment to technology

  • ranked requirements to support agile approaches for implementation


We believe that to get results, it is critical to engage business and technology advocates.  We are certified in Harvard's design thinking techniques to build support in the organization.  We bring skilled professionals with industry knowhow, to help our customers create the needed business context.

Our DESIGN Services

  • Design Thinking

  • Digital Strategy & Operating Model Design

  • Business Architecture & Requirements


Introducing efficiencies into the business and automating processes require supporting technologies.  Our customers often rely on us to provide development, testing, implementation and, integration expertise.  We have found that core capabilities provide a foundation for reliable quality and results:

  • Agile approach to incrementally and consistently deliver solutions

  • Technology Architecture to align the business needs effectively with the solution

  • API development and integration to enable modern platforms

  • Java development skills to support the demand for leading edge solutions


Our customers have wide-ranging technologies where specialized expertise is needed.  We have established Squads for our core capabilities and staff from our talent pool for specific skills, as required.



  • Agile Approach

  • Application Services

  • Integration Services


Automating processes and implementing technology capabilities is typically organized around projects or large programs.  Delivering on time, on budget results is fraught with risk areas:

  • Shifts to modern agile methods and emerging solutions require rigorous management methods

  • Scope creep and confusion is a frequent consequence of implementing digital capabilities

  • Collaboration is necessary and requires different ways of working together, especially across business and technology

  • Integration is an achilles heel both from business and technology perspectives


We believe that expert knowledge of the industry and the specific solution is necessary to navigating to successful outcomes.  We are known for bringing the leadership and discipline required to manage projects and programs effectively.



Our PROJECT Services

  • Transformation Programs

  • Complex Project Management

  • Project Management & PMO


In this vast field of analytics, we focus on areas that are key to driving business efficiency in support of digital enablement.  Our customers are requesting expertise in the following areas:

  • big data

  • analytics enablement

  • artificial intelligence


Our Squads have a track record for successfully implementing  solutions, moving past the theory to practical application.  Our experience, techniques and skills have resulted in:

  • faster delivery

  • high-quality designs and standards

  • strong performing solutions


Many of the technologies have been around for a while.  What is accelerating, especially with the advent of open systems and cloud services, is how to effectively incorporate emerging technologies to change businesses.  Our pragmatic approach and targeted expertise is how we have yielded results. 


Our ANALYTICS Services

  • Big Data

  • Analytics Enablement

  • Artificial Intelligence

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