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About Allevar

At Allevar, our mission is to provide access to top talent in the financial services industry. We believe in delivering high-quality services to our clients and offering cost-competitive solutions through an efficient and modern business model. Our aim is to create a culture that promotes excellence in our field and accountability for our customers' success.

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Our Story

Allevar Inc., established in 2005, initially focused on business architecture and project management. Responding to customer needs, we expanded to address both business and tech challenges, earning a reputation for specialized, high-quality resources committed to delivering results.

In 2017, we refocused to meet escalating demands in banking, finance, and insurance. We recognize the need for efficiency and superior customer experiences, leveraging emerging tech for substantial gains. Our consulting firm bridges skill gaps by tapping into hidden talent and running our operations efficiently to pass on cost advantages to clients.

Operating with precision and a lean leadership structure, we prioritize excellence while minimizing overheads, ensuring our clients access top-tier talent at competitive rates. Embracing a modern business model, Allevar fosters a culture of best-in-class talent, aligned vendor relationships, and dynamic peer collaboration. We take accountability for delivering quality results and nurturing an environment where our talent can thrive and excel in customer projects.

Executive Leadership


Chief Executive Officer

A proven leader in high-value professional services to corporate businesses.   Cultivates a network of highly skilled professionals and is known for bringing the right people to the challenge.  More than 25 years in Financial Services as well as in other services industries.


Our focus at Allevar is helping our customers succeed.  I believe that working together,  hand-in-hand with our clients, we are able to establish the relationships and productivity that result in creating real value."



Dave has a 30-year career leading teams and delivering strategic solutions in the Financial Services industry to improve customer and employee experience. He is passionate about helping to develop amazing talent and future leaders. He has a strong foundation in technology and financial services and applies this knowledge to empower his teams to deliver results. Recent major initiatives have included Process Mining, Big Data, Agile@Scale, Business Process Management, and Robotic Process Automation.

Outside of his career, Dave enjoys golf, fly fishing, hockey, snowboarding, and boating. Most important is shared time with family and friends.


Vice President Solution Delivery

What better way to get the job done than roll up your sleeves and jump in! Maureen has 20+ years of experience doing technology projects, process development, lean projects, or team building. With a background in project and change management, Maureen supports the development of change-aware environments, building a foundation of communication, engagement, and adaptability. Maureen likes supporting and growing individuals and teams. There is nothing better than seeing the right person in the proper role.



Maureen is a coach mentor for young professionals and a board director, volunteer, and fundraiser for various associations.

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Karthiga Tharmalingam

HR Director

With extensive experience managing contingent workforce programs and ensuring compliance and quality standards, Karthiga is well-versed in HR. She enjoys fostering a positive and inclusive work culture that promotes innovation, collaboration, and growth for employees and the organization. Karthiga is the friendly face behind the interviews, always with a smile, focused on creating & supporting the high performing Allevar team.  In her spare time, Karthiga enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.



Mike is a proven leader with more than 33 years of experience in the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) leading and executing global combat, combat support and humanitarian operations. Mike has commanded at every level in the RCAF, culminating upon his appointment as Commander from 2015 to 2018, one of the youngest in its history. A General Officer since 2010, he has held senior executive positions in acquisition, strategic planning, international security policy, and national security - where he helped shape the Government of Canada’s response to numerous global security crises. His early to mid-career was spent on the CC-130 Hercules flying tactical air mobility operations, including extensive time operating in Canada’s Arctic, South America, Africa and the Middle-East. Mike also spent a good deal of his career at 8 Wing in Trenton, Ontario – the RCAF’s largest base – where he commanded both 429 and 436 Transport Squadrons. He also commanded the Wing from 2007 to 2009.



Following retirement from the RCAF in May of 2018, Mike joined the JDS Group of Companies as Chief of Staff where is mandate included leading the restructure and growth of the company, to include the creation of a dynamic governance model suited to a privately-owned and entrepreneurial enterprise. Mike is also entrusted with ensuring effective communications and strategy development among the JDS Group’s senior executives and is responsible for security, risk management, aviation and safety portfolios.

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