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Projects need talent.​

We deliver.

What does Allevar have to Offer?

The Boutique Advantage

As a Toronto-based consulting firm, our team understands the vision and culture of our clients.  Our leaders have 50+ years of experience in the Toronto Financial Services and Manufacturing domains.  


We interact with each of our clients and each of our associates regularly, always ensuring we are in touch with the latest trends.


As a smaller firm, we have more flexibility to provide the right talent to deliver the right solution for the right price. 

Young Business Colleagues

Local Associates with Specialized Skills

Our clients prefer to work with local associates, working closely together on teams, with deep knowledge in the areas we specialize in and a deep understanding of the Financial Services and Manufacturing industries.  While we can always provide near-shore or off-shore options, our local pricing is attractive and preferred in most situations.

Business Presentation

Partnerships Enhance Our Offering in Target Areas

Allevar has strong partnerships with key technology providers, allowing us to combine consulting with solution-specific knowledge and capability.


In Process Mining, we partner with StereoLogic to provide industry-leading Process and Task Mining


In Business Process Management,  we partner with PegaSystems, providing one of the strongest teams in Toronto.

Business Meeting

Our teams focus on business efficiency to deliver elevated customer experiences

  • We solve customers' business problems and technology challenges

  • Our services are high quality and cost effective

  • We deliver results

Introducing a few examples where our teams made a difference for our customers

Large Bank: Repositioned to meet customer demands in a competitive cash management & payments market

Revealed detailed insights through due diligence about the operational and technological barriers to achieving the business objectives.  The high priority business objectives for this competitive cash management and payment services market were to meet customer demands for tailored offerings through multiple distribution channels, efficiently.  The executive team was empowered in this complex business, to take tactical actions as well as put strategic plans in motion to address pain points.

54% of Barriers Analyzed related to Operational & Cost Pain Points

Large Bank: Dramatically increased straight-through processing

Redesigned the payment processes in wealth management to improve accuracy and speed up resolution.  The new design ensured appropriate fees are charged every time to optimize revenue. And accelerated exceptions investigations and reduced risk.  Implemented Pega's Smart Investigate capabilities along with customization to automatically parse SWIFT messages, create cases, integrate data retrieval, use rules-based issue resolution, and automate communications.  Led the development team through a complex effort involving the implementation of Pega’s Smart Investigate and the customization required to integrate with SWIFT messages.

Improved Accuracy and Faster Resolution of Exceptions & Issues

Large Bank: Unlocked the power of Pega by expertly laying the ground work and building team momentum

Delivered control and transparency into payment investigations while automating day-to-day processing activities.  Implemented Pega’s Smart Investigate for Payments overseeing project activities.  Employed simultaneous labs for different business domains including FX, Wire Transfers.  Well regarded  as approachable and a powerful leader in mobilizing the team to results.  Functioned as the resident expert to establish ECS which is well known for being difficult and important to the overall success. ECS serves as a foundation as well as a critical link between business and technology understanding.   Using a hands-on approach, delivered the requirements, design/implementation documents, ECS (enterprise class structure), and implementation (configuration).  Skillfully provided hands on guidance to the team on using the DCO (Direct Capture of Objectives) tool effectively.

Mastered Pega Critical Success Factors : ECS and DCO
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