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Allevar Inc. was founded in 2005 by our CEO, Dan Wood.  In the beginning, our roots were established in business architecture and project management.  Based on growing demands from our customers over the years, we expanded our core capabilities to include solving both business problems and technology challenges.  Allevar developed a reputation for high quality resources who have specialized knowledge and, who commit to and deliver results.


In 2017, Allevar relaunched its focus in response to the escalating needs of our customers. Our customers, especially in the banking, financial services and insurance industries, are facing significant pressure to improve business efficiency while elevating their customers’ experiences.  The advent of emerging technologies create opportunity to bring substantial efficiencies.  However, our customers frequently face skill gaps in the methods and technologies required to yield results.


Allevar is a consulting and technical services firm with wide access to hidden talent in the market.  We run our business with efficient operating practices of our own so that we’re able to pass on those cost advantages to our customers.  We perform with high levels of attention to our craft striving to be the best in our field.  Concurrently, we perform with lean, highly focused executive and leadership teams, and minimal overhead.  We believe this provides our customers with the best talent for competitively advantaged prices.


Finally, Allevar has established a modern business model to align with the new economy.  In the past, customers typically either engaged external assistance company-to-company with services organizations or, company-to-individual with independent contractors.  Allevar is operating under a model which creates a culture of best-in-class talent, the right relationships with aligned software vendors, and a dynamic peer-to-peer collaboration environment.  Allevar takes accountability for bringing the right talent to meet the needs of customers and for the quality of results.  To nurture the best, we create a culture for our talent that enables them to focus on customer projects and on exceling at their craft.

Allevar’s Focus

We have experience in these industries:

  • Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance

  • Government and Not-for-profit

We help customers realize value & results:

  • Streamline business operations

  • Lower costs of doing business

  • Increase automation in processes

  • Skillfully implement technology solutions

  • Enable exceptional customer experience

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