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Announcing the Relaunch of Allevar

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Allevar relaunched its focus in response to the escalating needs of our customers. Our customers, especially in the banking, financial services and insurance industries, are facing significant pressure to improve business efficiency while elevating their customers’ experiences. The advent of emerging technologies create opportunity to bring substantial efficiencies. However, our customers frequently face skill gaps in the methods and technologies required to yield results.

Allevar is a consulting and technical services firm with wide access to hidden talent in the market.

We deliver a blend of services to help banks unlock efficiencies in operational processes and integrate the right technologies in the right way.

We’ve helped our banking customers realize value and results:

  • Exceptional customer experiences

  • Streamlined business operations

  • Lower costs of doing business

  • Increased automation in processes

  • Skillfully implemented technology

Our services pivot around automating processes in concert with business, technology, project and analytic capabilities.

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