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Strong Collaboration begins with a common understanding of the industry

Our squads have cultivated experience and knowledge of the industries within which our customers operate.  We believe this is important to helping our customers change their businesses. 


The right skill, insights and thought leadership are derived from harmonizing an understanding of the industry with consulting and technical knowhow. 


The industries we've developed an extensive track record in are:


  -- Banking

  -- Financial Markets

  -- Insurance

Significant change is being driven into the Payments space in Canada. Banks are mobilizing to prepare for and influence how it evolves.

Our practice is to provide architects with intermediate, senior and executive level experience to optimize with the right skills and leverage, cost effectively.  To perform as a team, payments specific expertise will be important in these key areas: LVTS, ACSS, RTR, AFT, HV, Interac, MC, Visa, Financial Markets. 

Payment Architecture Services


The architecture role is pivotal to making the change happen.  Customers are seeking to complete the profile of their architecture teams and help them tackle the Payment challenges.

We believe it is important that our architects:

  • Form approaches to solution implementation

  • Evaluate requirements impacts across hardware, software, applications, process, information and technology

  • Consider interoperability, scalability, usability and security

  • Align business evolution and technology development

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